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Hi everyone and WELCOME to my site “Leaving the 9 to 5”.

THE GOAL OF THIS SITE is to empower you by not only showing you but actually teaching you: “How to earn money online” and if it is at all possible “how to earn money online for free”

Let me start with a presenting myself with a short introduction:

My name’s Marc, I am married to my wonderful wife and we have two sons of which one is in University and the second one is about the enter University. I have been working in Logistics for more than 30 years of which 22 years wearing an Army uniform.

During all those years I have always been living and working abroad. When I finally decided that it was time to get out of the uniform, I joined an international organization where I was doing almost the same work as in the Army but without the uniform.

The decision to join an International Organisation, supporting Nations in Defense matters, was also an easier transition from the military to the civilian world. While working for the international organization, I was still living abroad and being deployed to operations during the last 10 years of my career.


Then something happened.

“The management” decided to start using, what they called,  “younger, eager and motivated” staff for deployments’, which actually meant  saving money as the younger staff get paid less and the provisions of the new contracts are to the advantage of the management (what a surprise eh!). Maybe you can relate to this ? or you have been laid off ? Made redundant ?

I saw the sign on the wall and took the opportunity for an extended leave also known as “a sabbatical” to:

  1. Finally be able to spent more time with my family, which was long overdue
  2. Having the time to look into generating an online income while working from home, or wherever in the world that is or would be.

Now that I finally had the time to look into not only “How to earn money online”,  but also “What is the best way to earn money online” and if at all possible “How to earn money online For Free”.

During my research I found out that there are many programs available on the internet and there are also a lot of scams out there that are after your money, instead of teaching you , how to make money online.

The reason why I created this website is to help people like yourself finding a legitimate way to earn an extra income online which can eventually turn into a full time online job, working from anywhere in the world, whatever is best suited for YOU.

To do this I will be doing reviews and compare various online income programs, gathering information on the various online income programs and bringing that knowledge to you, also as a warning to you for scams, and they are there!

Believe me when I say, that I have looked at many different options, currently available online.
This is where Wealthy Affiliate came into the picture.

I decided and have joined Wealthy Affiliate and have learned a lot and still am learning from the training every day.

Let me tell you that Membership is Free and there is no credit card needed to join. I would suggest that you have a look at it before you walk away, after all you have nothing to lose and everything to win (and you can thank me later). I write this because I know the system works!

Within the Wealthy Affiliate site, you will find all the answers to your question(s) that brought you to this page and more!

What is the Best Way to Earn Money Online or What is the Best Way to Earn Money on the Internet

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

All the best and hope to see you as a member of our Wealthy Affiliate Community VERY SOON!


How to become your Own Boss

Owner of Bestofaffiliates.com


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