How to use Links on Instagram


How to use links on Instagram


Not How to get Likes On Instagram, that’s in a different post ;o)


Have you been wondering if you can use your Affiliate link on Instagram ?

Well, lately I have been doing a lot of research online, as I have started a new website AND an Online Shop, on how to drive traffic to my Websites and Online Shop.

With the continued changes in the online environment, including Instagram among others as YouTube….,

INSTAGRAM has come into the focus of online marketeers for promoting their products (Blogs, Website, Links…..)

But one issue that still haunts Instagram marketeers is how to use affiliate links on Instagram

As we all know, Instagram, unlike Pinterest, is not very link-friendly, so getting people to go from your Instagram page to your website where you hopefully convert them is going to be a bit of a stretch.

Not impossible of course, but you need to know how to do it in order to do it well.

This short, quick post will tell you how to do just that!


Are Affiliate Links Allowed On Instagram?

The question here is that we should ask our self whether Instagram allows affiliate links or not.

The answer to that is a simple YES

At the time of writing this post, BUT! you know this can change at any time, INSTAGRAM allows for affiliate links to be posted.

Of course, there is a good and a bad way to do this, but I will explain:

While this post will explain you how to use your affiliate links on Instagram, it’s always best to use Instagram to drive people off the page and onto your website where there are affiliate links.

How To Post Your Links on Instagram

There are only a few ways you can post your Wealthy Affiliate Links, amongst others, on Instagram, they are:


A. In Your Bio

At this point in time, the best place for a link on Instagram is on your Instagram profile.

That is by far the best place as people that like what you are posting will likely visit your page.

Remember, you can’t link out from picture posts (yet), as you might have seen while browsing on Instagram.

Therefore, a lot of people add in their publications something like: “See link in Bio”

This is our best attempt in driving people to
our profile page with the hope they click through to our site.

But there’s a problem with this: affiliate links can be ugly

They tend to be long with weird characters and numbers and to the experienced eye, it’s clear that your link is an affiliate link.

You don’t want to leave this link as it is. It is a huge turn off and
many people will not trust clicking on a strange looking link if they do not know exactly what they are getting into, therefore the below advise:



Pretty Link is a plugin that will change your affiliate links using, what they call a 301 redirect, from your website.

The Plug in “Pretty Link” is readily available here on Wealthy Affiliate!

Which is by the way, another GOOD reason to become part of our Wealthy Affiliate Community!

B. In your Instagram post BUT

You can now link out from your Instagram posts, which is great but
there are conditions tied to that and it might just burst your bubble now.


You need to have a business account with Facebook:

At this point in time, the “linking out” feature is only to Facebook Business account holders.

You can turn your FACEBOOK page into a business page by “simply
creating a page” on Facebook, verify it and connect it together with your INSTAGRAM page.

If you plan on using ads in the future, this will also be helpful so the quicker you do this, the better.

The next thing holding you back is that you need to have 10,000 followers for the “link out” feature (ouch!)


As I am writing this post, you can only link out from your INSTAGRAM page with your
affiliate link if you have at least 10,000 followers on your page!

This is not good as most probably many of you will not have a page with more than 10,000 followers….

Unfortunately there is no way around this:

  • You can wait until you have 10,000 followers,
  • You could Buy an Instagram account with that many followers


C. Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads, once connected and set up through the Facebook Ads manager, will allow you to advertise story posts that have an affiliate link.

I am not sure if you are up to spending money just yet on your affiliate marketing business, but if you want to focus on Instagram and you are still far away from reaching the required minimum of 10,000 followers, as explained above, this is your best shot at using affiliate links on Instagram.


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Thank you for reading this short post on how to use (affiliate) links on Instagram.

I know that , for now, there aren’t many options but MAYBE this will change in time as Instagram loosens it’s linking policy.









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